BIM Modeling


Our experienced Formitas construction designers are happy to provide you with modeling solutions tailored to your needs. They may comprise technical building equipment, depending on your preferences. The result will be a BIM model that is customized in every detail, as agreed between you and your BIM consultant.  

This new digital twin can be utilized in multiple ways, which can be discussed during BIM consultation. It may represent the planning basis for the renovation of an existing building, display the digital modeling of your two-dimensional drawings or be used for the building operations or the facility management of an existing building.  


BIM Modeling for existing buildings  

Are you planning a modification or an extension of a building and are now in need of a 3D model? We will simply model your building based on the existing plans. Should the plans that are required for Building Information Modeling be unavailable, our experienced Formitas partners are here to help. They will scan your building with laser and we will then use the resulting point cloud as the groundwork for modeling.  

Areas of application: 

  • Architecture 
  • Construction design 
  • Technical building equipment 

Method: Plan2BIM & Scan2BIM 


BIM Modeling during planning  

Are you a specialized planner or a general planner who is participating in a BIM project and you are looking for the particular expertise or are simply lacking capacity? Or are you a builder, project controller or building operator desiring to have a model available for further use in building operations? Our BIM modelers can support you and create BIM models to go along with the stages of planning. Naturally, all models will comply with the regulations there may be for the respective project, such as EIR (Employer’s Information Requirements) or BEP (BIM Execution Plan).  

Areas of application: 

  • Architecture 
  • Construction design
  • Technical building equipment 

 Method: CAD2BIM 


BIM Objects 

Are you a manufacturer and wish to draw attention to your products at an early stage of a building project? Or you simply wish to support the planning team in their job? Supplying your products as Revit families for Building Information Modeling is the best way forward. Customers are looking for functional and high-quality BIM objects to integrate into their BIM model in early work phases.     

Our BIM consultants will work with you to find the best solution for your requirements, from creating your content all the way to distributing it.  

REVIT Families 

  • Creation 
  • Workshops 
  • Distribution 


BIM Objects

Construction of a facade element as Revit family
Dr-Ing Andreas Roye, General Manager
What did BIM bring to your project?
"Building Information Modeling offers a lot of potential for LUCEM GmbH. Providing our innovative light-transmitting concrete systems as BIM objects enables our clients to get an early sense of our product's look and feel through the digital model. They can for instance do a virtual viewing in Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality."
Why would you recommend Formitas AG to others?
"The technical realization of the family by Formitas AG was flawless. Our clients were able to integrate the Revit family seamlessly into their planning procedures and were thus experiencing addedd value.“
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Stefanos Dimitrakakis
Building Information Modeling
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