Formitas Speakers

In interactive and inspirational presentations (digital and in person), our experts show you how to evolve from just thinking digital to being digital. They answer the core questions of our connected world: How can new technologies help us manage projects more efficiently? How can we maintain a competitive advantage through digitalization? What do we have to do now to remain fit for the future? New pathways, new possibilities.

  • Hagen Schmidt-Bleker
    Hagen Schmidt-Bleker

    Our expert for New Work

    Hagen Schmidt-Bleker has a degree in engineering for architecture and was named honorary professor of architecture at the Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences this year. He founded Formitas after completing his degree in architecture in 1999. Hagen's passion is not only effectively connecting architecture with IT, but also talking about how organizations can create working environments in which employees with the most various backgrounds and talents thrive.

  • Speaker Shahin Farahzadi
    Shahin Farahzadi

    Our expert for Building Information Modeling

    Shahin Farahzadi has a master's degree in architecture from RWTH University. He has been a BIM manager at Formitas since 2015 and is now head of the Cologne office. Shahin has become a much sought-after specialist in the area of digital construction because of his extensive experience in over 30 BIM projects.

  • formitas Mitarbeiter Gerrit Hoppe
    Gerrit Hoppe

    Our expert for visualizations with Virtual & Augmented Reality

    Gerrit Hoppe has a master's degree in architecture, is a furniture designer and has been head of Virtual & Augmented Reality at Formitas since 2016. Gerrit consults clients with the express aim of improving communication in construction projects through visualization.

  • Speaker Falk Wagner
    Falk Wagner

    Our expert for Digitalization & Innovation

    Falk Wagner studied architecture at RWTH University in Aachen. He has been head of Digital Transformation at Formitas since 2017 and has already been an effective agent of change to numerous clients seeking to benefit from transforming their organizations on a technical and cultural level.