BIM Coordination


Support for planners and quality control, operational implementation and coordination of the BIM process throughout the project period

We'll work with you to set up your BIM project in the software you've selected and help you further adapt it to meet your specific project needs. You'll work with one of our experienced BIM experts who will show you how to use the software, optimize processes and help you successfully participate in your BIM project. You'll take care of all assigned tasks pragmatically and effectively with regular on-site review meetings, quality checks and a direct connection to your BIM coordinators and authors.

If you like, we'll provide you with tried and tested templates that we've developed and improved upon over time. We'll adapt them to meet your needs so that you can quickly get started on your project.

Our references

BIM Modell des Projeks Ehrenveedel in Köln-Ehrenfeld

BIM Management and BIM Coordination

BIM Premiere for Aurelis Real Estate: New construction of the Ehrenveedels-Quartier in Cologne
Aurelis Real Estate

Sebastian Rehnelt, Development Region West
What did BIM bring to your project?
By implementing the BIM method during the design planning stage, the focus was on gaining initial experience and familiarizing ourselves with the method. The advantages for us as a client: communication was greatly improved between project participants and there was a higher level of transparency during the planning process. It remains to be seen if the application of the BIM method leads to improved planning quality resulting in the minimization of risks.
Why would you recommend Formitas AG to others?
formitas has an excellent track record for the implementation of the BIM method, especially among planners. They provided us with the optimal solution for interface/application problems resulting from the open BIM approach.

BIM Coordination

Implementation of Autodesk Revit for the architecture firm
RKW Architektur + Rhode Kellermann Wawrowsky GmbH
Barbara Possinke, Managing Partner
Why would you recommend Formitas AG to others?
„The future of planning is BIM? It's not the future, it's the present! RKW Architecture has been working towards BIM since 2015. We are actively using the game-changing technology and methods and highlighting its benefits to our employees and clients. An important factor for success is our choice of partner: formitas has helped our staff master the challenges of implementing Autodesk REVIT. We greatly value their experienced team, who provide competent and personalized BIM and REVIT support that has a direct impact on the success of a project.“
Visualisierung des Projekts Kölnmesse 3.0

BIM Management - operative

New construction project KM3.0 and renovation of existing halls with Building Information Modeling
Koelnmesse GmbH

Horst Harbusch-Geier, Project Manager Koelnmesse 3.0
What did BIM bring to your project?
"BIM has improved the collaborative relationship between specialist planners. We were able to detect weaknesses in the processes (e.g. plan testing and data exchange) at an early stage.
Our goal: to use BIM in operation and effectively integrate a holistic concept compiling all essential information about the site to reconcile renovation and new construction."
Why would you recommend Formitas AG to others?
"A young team with a lot of experience. Formitas is especially skilled at supporting builders with concept development in relation to the mix of refurbishment and new construction, where existing information is merged with new information."
Contact person
Sebastien Pape
Building Information Modeling
Phone: +49 241 53 80 800
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