VR Walkthrough


Virtual tour with VR glasses of the current state of the building model with specific technical focal points, e.g. MEP

In the VR walkthrough, all stakeholders have intuitive access to the current planning status in a "What you see is what you get" way. The 3D simulation creates a spatial experience and greatly simplifies the interpretation of plans. Other major benefits of the simulation: It's much easier to imagine the space and understand the building as a whole and users can confirm and approve plans holistically.

Along with visualizing the target state of the premises, we'll bring other planning aspects to light by switching the various model layers, e.g. concealed installation shafts, structural assets or inaccessible spaces such as intermediate and slope ceilings. You'll be able to see things that are not possible in reality, e.g. MEP without "architectural distortion".

The result: a deeper understanding of planning as a whole rather than (the more common method of) segmenting it into the sum of its parts. With a comprehensive view of the space, you'll quickly identify potential and uncover weak spots, and be able to communicate them clearly.

Sample application:
Planning conflicts between service providers, for example: double utilization of shafts, staggered planning of openings and pipelines, visibility of technical building equipment from the user's perspective, steps and obstacles to accessibility.

Our references

Fabrikplanung mit BIM

Digitalization Consulting and VR Experience

Consulting for e.GO Mobile in factory planning with BIM
e.GO Mobile AG

Matthias Bertling, Senior Manager Factory Planning
What did BIM bring to your project?
• Increased planning efficiency through a centralized and integrated data model
• Reduction of planning time through digital planning workflows
• Availability of the required information through a cloud-based data platform
Why would you recommend Formitas AG to others?
• Extensive experience in the field of BIM consulting/conception and implementation
• Implementation- and results-oriented working method with a clear customer benefit
Gerrit Hoppe
Contact person
Gerrit Hoppe
Consultant for Virtual & Augmented Reality
Phone: +49 241 53 80 800
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