Holistic BIM Insight Model


Intuitive Virtual Reality experience based on BIM with all data - geometric, meta and simulation (if required)

Based on a BIM planning model, this VR visualization focuses not only on the planned geometries but also on the data model and metadata behind it. Intuitively retrieving component-related information really simplifies the decision-making process for users.

  • Validate the planning status by viewing and retrieving information (metadata)
  • Deal with the "I" in BIM: information viewer
  • Locate and record feedback (issues) through BCF (BIM Collaboration Format) via BIMcollab
  • Integrate existing issues to view in a natural, intuitively tangible environment
  • Assess risk in advance
  • Check concepts of non-modeling planners, e.g. fire prevention
  • Introduce non-quantifiable issues like comments/notes on impressions of rooms or questions from builders about components and locations
Gerrit Hoppe
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Gerrit Hoppe
Consultant for Virtual & Augmented Reality
Phone: +49 241 53 80 800
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