Customized Functions


Development of tailor-made customer-specific simulations for VR visualizations, e.g. movement path simulation using artificial intelligence

Planning complex construction projects like factory buildings usually also means overcoming a whole lot of challenges and misunderstandings. A couple of examples: users who are not construction experts don't understand building plans; customer ideas that are misinterpreted by planners.

To detect discrepancies at an early stage, we'll program specific functions to visualize complex design relationships and connections relevant to planning. We take a human-centric approach using sequence simulations or dependence models, where you can see how elements relate to each other, e.g. the distance from the kitchen to the conference room. You'll intuitively understand abstract content within the spatial context.

Sample applications:

  • Walkway simulation/material flows via artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Evacuation visualization including different scenarios
  • Revision areas / openings / accessibility
  • Ergonomic review
  • Assembly concept / cycle time validation
  • Overlay of point clouds (3D scan for planning) for evaluating construction tolerances
Gerrit Hoppe
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Gerrit Hoppe
Consultant for Virtual & Augmented Reality
Phone: +49 241 53 80 800
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