Holistic Consulting


Analysis and expert advice on the use of VR and AR technologies to promote the creation of processes: added value, application possibilities, hardware and software recommendations

From our many years of experience with Building Information Modeling, we're aware of how difficult it is for everyone involved to personally visualize construction projects. Fortunately, there are now many simulation solutions using virtual and augmented reality that make visualizations in the early planning stages possible. So, when does using technology makes sense? And which technology is the right one? How do I convince my project partners to adopt new technologies that they only know from the entertainment industry?

We'll analyze your specific project and your needs with regard to visualization and our VR and AR experts will recommend the right solution for you, including hardware and software.

Virtual Reality
Using VR glasses, you'll experience an ongoing construction project to get a better spatial understanding of the building.

Augmented Reality
While you're fully immersed in the simulation with VR glasses, we'll enrich reality using AR with additional useful information, e.g. building materials used.

Visualization Consulting
Our consulting goal is to find out how you can improve your processes and communication in planning projects and then determine what's necessary to implement VR/AR into your processes (requirements and strategy).


Possible topics include:

  • Expectation management: Which technology does what most effectively?
  • Analysis of processes & requirements: Which solutions makes sense, and when?
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality application scenarios
  • Conception of specific applications and development/realization
  • Targeted use of technology that adds value
  • Appropriate hardware and software
  • Training in the use of one-click solutions
  • Training to use hardware, e.g. VR glasses
Gerrit Hoppe
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Gerrit Hoppe
Consultant for Virtual & Augmented Reality
Phone: +49 241 53 80 800
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