AR Scale Model


Overlay of the BIM model during planning with an additional level of information so that individual project elements can be experienced intuitively in an interactive way

Augmented Reality enriches the real environment with digital information. As a builder and planner, you'll benefit from a three-dimensional master plan visualization during planning. We'll overlay the BIM model with an additional layer of information so that the printed plan and the virtual data merge.

Team members, project partners, builders and future users will intuitively grasp abstract relationships between single project elements. You'll access the model using your smartphone or tablet and (literally) have more hands-on control over building construction. If you like, we'll also design the AR scale model with interactive functions like switching different model layers, material changes, emission visualizations and construction sequence planning.

  • Needs-based scenarios
  • Overlay of models with informationen & animation
  • Comprehensible presentation of complex 2D/3D interconnections
Gerrit Hoppe
Contact person
Gerrit Hoppe
Consultant for Virtual & Augmented Reality
Phone: +49 241 53 80 800
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