Platform Development for BIM


Presentation of your product catalog with BIM file downloads

Gain a competitive advantage by offering your customers a way to select your products in their BIM software early on in the planning stages of a BIM project. We'll help you create a web-based platform to provide your customers with components or products as BIM files (e.g. for Revit or ArchiCAD).

Do you have a large product catalog but dread the thought of generating data? You may already have all of the data in a Product Information Management (PIM) system. We'll check if it's possible to automatically generate BIM data from your data sources, e.g. from an existing PIM application.

Then we'll develop a web application for the BIM data that's been generated. Customers can search through your product catalog, making it even easier to use your components and products.

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Dr. Kai Kasugai
Digital Transformation
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