Development of New Platforms


Presentation of products/services on a web platform using the latest technologies

Have a product catalog that you'd like to offer online? Want to use a web application to take care of or support your processes? Want to solve the problem of software that doesn't work for your customers online? If so, we'd like to help by developing your cloud solution using the latest technology:

  • Highly scalable microservices with Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Services
  • Virtual machines with Docker to AWS or your servers
  • Development of Node JS backends
  • React JS frontends for low latency display
  • Bi-directional real-time communication with web sockets
  • JavaScript, Typescript or PHP for Client or Server
  • SQL, Mongo, DynamoDB or Google Firebase data sources
  • Redis caching for speed optimization

Your web application runs in all of the latest browsers and doesn't need plug-ins or installation.

Mitarbeiterfoto Kai Kasugai
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Dr. Kai Kasugai
Digital Transformation
Phone: +49 241 53 80 800
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