Autodesk Dynamo Development


Leverage potential savings through automation in project planning with Autodesk Dynamo

Dynamo is a plug-in that greatly expands the technical scope of REVIT. You can create scripts without any programming knowledge to automate tasks, make managing metainformation easier, place components and building elements or even automatically create geometrics.

We'll show you what's possible with Dynamo and how to create simple scripts. To tackle more complex tasks, we can also develop complex Dynamo scripts, both in the graphic editor and with supported Python programming with access to the REVIT API.

Your benefits:

  • Simple solution for complex tasks
  • Your employees can adjust scripts themselves
  • Enables geometrical testing of planning
  • You can do plausibility checks
  • Quality control measures are possible
Mitarbeiterfoto Kai Kasugai
Contact person
Dr. Kai Kasugai
Digital Transformation
Phone: +49 241 53 80 800
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