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  • Als Nachweis bekommen Sie ein anerkanntes Zertifikat, das Ihnen Sicherheit im Umgang mit BIM-Projekten bescheinigt und anderen zeigt, dass Sie mit den neuesten Methoden arbeiten.

  • Clear structuring of families and other BIM content in Revit
    Quick cloud-based search and upload
    Integrated approval process

BIMfiles is designed for:


    Get an update on the English version
    Kindly let me know once the BIMfiles platform is available in English language.

    Quickly organize and share Revit content with colleagues using BIMfiles. With our BIM object plugin, you can search BIM objects and BIM families, and then import, upload, sort and approve them in just a few clicks

    BIMfiles is a plugin-based BIM object cloud database that allows users to structure Revit content efficiently. All Revit family libraries, scripts, templates, and container models are available for flexible use from a future-ready corporate database and can be inserted into a Revit model with a plugin. 

    Your easy-to-use platform for Revit content management with an intuitive user interface 

    • BIM objects accessible in seconds, ready to use in the model  
    • BIM data management with libraries and role- and rights management 
    • Keyword and detail search, comment function  
    • Approval process for new content  
    • Corporate-wide database in the cloud, no need for a VPN 

    BIMfiles will soon be available in English language. Would you like us to keep you posted? Fill in the form above or send us an email request to and we will let you know once it's ready.

    (BIMfiles has been optimized for Revit versions 2021 and 2022 and is currently being optimized for version 23; it further supports version 2019.) 

    BIM Manager Maksim König
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    Maksim König
    Phone: +49 241 53 80 800
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