BIM Management – operative


Professional BIM package for builders with ongoing support - from implementation to project completion

BIM methodology is agile and ever-evolving. Our full-term support starts with strategy and carries on right through to project completion. First, we'll work with you on the strategic direction of your BIM project. Next, we'll coordinate your operational implementation of Building Information Modeling. Our experienced BIM specialists will provide you with ongoing support on all levels - however much experience you or your project partners possess.

Our role as BIM Manager in the project:

  • Ensure the smooth cooperation of everyone involved by initiating collaboration with various specialist planners
  • Coordinate quality control and change management processes
  • Qualify and prioritize issues
  • Document progress in transparent reports

Because of our extensive experience, we can take over tasks for projects of the most various complexity. While you gain BIM experience and expertise, you'll also steadily and continuously increase efficiency through model-based collaboration.

Our references

Visualisierung des Projekts Kölnmesse 3.0

BIM Management - operative

New construction project KM3.0 and renovation of existing halls with Building Information Modeling
Koelnmesse GmbH

Horst Harbusch-Geier, Project Manager Koelnmesse 3.0
What did BIM bring to your project?
"BIM has improved the collaborative relationship between specialist planners. We were able to detect weaknesses in the processes (e.g. plan testing and data exchange) at an early stage.
Our goal: to use BIM in operation and effectively integrate a holistic concept compiling all essential information about the site to reconcile renovation and new construction."
Why would you recommend Formitas AG to others?
"A young team with a lot of experience. Formitas is especially skilled at supporting builders with concept development in relation to the mix of refurbishment and new construction, where existing information is merged with new information."
BIM Modell des Projeks Ehrenveedel in Köln-Ehrenfeld

BIM Management and BIM Coordination

BIM Premiere for Aurelis Real Estate: New construction of the Ehrenveedels-Quartier in Cologne
Aurelis Real Estate

Sebastian Rehnelt, Development Region West
What did BIM bring to your project?
By implementing the BIM method during the design planning stage, the focus was on gaining initial experience and familiarizing ourselves with the method. The advantages for us as a client: communication was greatly improved between project participants and there was a higher level of transparency during the planning process. It remains to be seen if the application of the BIM method leads to improved planning quality resulting in the minimization of risks.
Why would you recommend Formitas AG to others?
formitas has an excellent track record for the implementation of the BIM method, especially among planners. They provided us with the optimal solution for interface/application problems resulting from the open BIM approach.
BIM Management - operativ

BIM Management - operative

Upper Nord Quarter Dusseldorf
Florian Kreim, Department of Planning & Technology
Astoc Architects and Planners GmbH
What did BIM bring to your project?
Increases the quality of planning using a team- and solution-oriented working method where you gain a lot of new insights.
Why would you recommend Formitas AG to others?
The name says it all:
F = flexible
O = objective
R = rational
M = modern
I = interactive
T = team-oriented
A = accurate
S = smart
BIM Management - strategisch und operativ

BIM Management - strategic and operative

New Balanced Office Buildings with Building Information Modeling
BOB efficiency design AG

Marina Stegelmeier, Energy Designer
What did BIM bring to your project?
"For us, the advantage of BIM planning is that we can make information and processes available centrally in one place for all project participants. It brings us a lot closer to reaching our goal of standardizing office construction projects."
Why would you recommend Formitas AG to others?
"We highly recommend formitas. Their innovation goals are a good fit with our own and we've built a good, collaborative working relationship over several projects based on mutual trust and understanding."
Mitarbeiterfoto Alexander Dellen
Contact person
Alexander Dellen
Building Information Modeling
Phone: +49 241 53 80 800
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