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Consulting tailored to individual corporate needs for customized solutions according to various BIM requirements and digitalization specifications

The implementation of Building Information Modeling is a great time to take a look (or second look) at your company's digitalization goals. If BIM is new to you, you'll want to get a clearer picture of what exactly you need.

BIM has a profound effect on your processes and is connected to many other areas. It's a good idea to look at these interconnections and find out which processes benefit most. We'll work with you to create a complete roadmap designed to meet your company's specific needs.

Together we'll set ambitious, pragmatic, achievable BIM goals. Then we'll provide you with an action plan for gradual implementation. With this step-by-step approach, you'll successfully transform your company and start using BIM methods while minimizing risk and ensuring that your company is future-ready.

Our references

Fabrikplanung mit BIM

Digitalization Consulting and VR Experience

Consulting for e.GO Mobile in factory planning with BIM
e.GO Mobile AG

Matthias Bertling, Senior Manager Factory Planning
What did BIM bring to your project?
• Increased planning efficiency through a centralized and integrated data model
• Reduction of planning time through digital planning workflows
• Availability of the required information through a cloud-based data platform
Why would you recommend Formitas AG to others?
• Extensive experience in the field of BIM consulting/conception and implementation
• Implementation- and results-oriented working method with a clear customer benefit
Mitarbeiterfoto Alexander Dellen
Contact person
Alexander Dellen
Building Information Modeling
Phone: +49 241 53 80 800
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